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Welcome to Bonnie’s official site

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Welcome to the brand new official website for Bonnie Tyler.

In the coming weeks there’s going to be lots of news and announcements so keep coming back to BonnieTyler.com to find out all the latest news first. You can also connect with Bonnie on Twitter @BonnieTOfficial and on her new official Facebook page www.facebook.com/BonnieTylerOfficial

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2013 is going to be an exciting year for Bonnie and her fans! Stay tuned for more news soon.


  1. I love Bonnie and can’t wait for the new album – it has been a long tiome coming! Hope “Don’t Tell Me it’s Over Now”, “Is That Thing Loaded?” and “You Are The One” get a release and some live dates in the UK.

  2. Great! This new layout and design on the official web site is just as amazing as the big rock diva Bonnie!
    Congrats for the new concept!
    Now I’m gonna visit it everyday!

  3. So looking forward to the new cd have all bonnies cds , lps singles huge fan of hers , such an underartted singer and talent. Hopefully this cvd will give Bonnie the big hit she so deserves.

  4. so many articles about bonnie have I ever seen.on the same dayVery smart for commercial to rocks and honey ! good luck i believe in bonnie! best album since hide your heart 1988: big fan but also a ery critical fan since 1977

  5. All the best of luck with the new album and and ESC in Malmö! Great song! 🙂
    We believe in you!

  6. Hey,
    The new website looks fantastic! It is so much more professional and the kind of site that a big star like Bonnie should have!! 🙂

  7. I do hope I will get my copy of Rocks And Honey delivered tomorrow!!! ♥ It’s incredible stuff, absolutely lovely!!! :*

    But I have a problem with signing up for the newsletter – I never get the e-mail… Doesn’t it work for Germany?

  8. id love a fast rocknroll song original or something from the 5os and 6os. is bonnie ever coming to las vega or los angeles .believe in me was not my cup of tea but bonnie looked fabulous sincerely yours claude los angeles california

  9. You are the best! Good luck on an Eurovision! ! ! ! ! ! !
    With love from Russia! ! ! ! !

  10. Still no big air play for believe in me, really thought the BBC would really believe in this song.