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Bonnie to represent the UK at Eurovision

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This morning we can confirm that Bonnie will be representing the UK in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Bonnie will be performing the song Believe In Me, which was written by Desmond Child, Lauren Christy and Christopher Braide. The track was produced by David Huff.

Bonnie says, “I am truly honoured and delighted to be able to represent my country at Eurovision, and especially with such a fabulous song. I promise to give this everything that I’ve got for the UK!”

Katie Taylor, BBC Controller, Entertainment and Events says: “Bonnie Tyler is truly a global superstar with a fantastic voice and we are delighted she will be flying the flag for the UK in Malmö”

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Saturday 18th May in Malmö, Sweden, broadcast live on BBC One & BBC One HD, with commentary by Graham Norton and live on BBC Radio 2 with commentary from Ken Bruce.

Bonnie will release her incredible new album ‘Rocks and Honey’ on 6th May in the UK.


  1. YES!!! I really hope this brings lots of success for Bonnie’s new album, and I’m sure she’ll be a fantastic representative for the UK. She’s famous across Europe, and the new single is stunning. Can’t wait for May now!! 😀

  2. Brilliant news – at least Bonnie should get some decent coverage in the UK to promote this. Hopefully it will put Bonnie back in the charts – and some UK live dates? Great song, great performance – should do well.

  3. I was so chuft to hear Bonnie was doing the euro-vision, hope she wins but this is great news, it about time she was back in the UK, go Bonnie love you xx

  4. Slightly disappointed that the album release date has been pushed back till May but hopefully the Erurovision will mean great things for Bonnie and the album. Am very, very excited about it! Hopefully means a UK tour too. Can’t wait to see her sing at Eurovision!

  5. Great song for Eurovision! Great singer……the rock chick returns? Has she actually been away?

    Check out Bonnie singing “more than a lover” on you tube, just to prove how her voice hasnt changed that much with this type of song.

    No doubt the Euro sceptics will come out in force, but who cares, Bonnie is a class act anywhere!

    Looking forward to the party in Sweden….Go G!

    Good luck luck!

  6. I love you so much Bonnie! you’re just fantastic, the best singer in the world 🙂 I’m so happy that you’re finally back!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  7. Great choice för å fantastic singer,
    She could win it in Malmö för sure,

    Germany have Cascada (who is british) and Bonnie för UK

    40-1 with ladbrooks worth a fluttet,
    Good luck and bön chance

  8. You will knock them out Bonnie. I have loved you for 37 years, and will never forget spending some time with you in Birmingham back in the 80s at the launch party for simply the best. You are very very special, all the best, Clive xxx

  9. I’m so glad that you are going to represent the U.K. at the Eurovision. You are such a great single aNd went I saw you at the B.B. King in New York I really confirmed that you are such a nice and great person. Also I love your new song Believe In Me; I’m sure is going to be a hit! Great video too! God Bless You, always.

  10. Would be great if this cd would be released in America with promotion, its been a long time

  11. Today I was reading the newspaper here in Puerto Rico and they comment about you representing the U.K. at Eurovision. Good luck Bonnie!

  12. Bonnie is the big winner at the Eurovision. Russia all will vote for Bonnie because she is known and loved in Russia. According to the rules we have no right to vote for our Russian singer, on – that I personally and all Russia will vote for Bonnie. Bonnie his victories it had long been won by releasing seventeen outstanding albums and she does not need this win. She is now more important to reklaamu her new album Rocks & Honey so she decided to go to Eurovision.

  13. Great News : Bonnie is fantastic & the song is beautiful.
    The New album ” Rocks and Honey ” is wonderful
    Really good album

  14. Bonnie Tyler and United Kingdom 12 Points – I love this fantastic song and wish Bonnie much luck – Bonnie is simply the best!

  15. So well, lovely Bonnie!

    Only in one word – FANTASTIC! – I’ll see you soon in Stendal Bonnie! Have now a lot of fun by your tour in Germany! Have good luck at Eurovision – you’ll create this! I’m sure! Lovely greetings from Germany to you! You’ll be hear on time from me! Loads of Love! Big hug xxx


  16. Hi Bonnie lots and lots of success in the forthcoming Eurovision 2013 and I hop e the song will have you back in the U.K Top 20 very soon. Cyril Wilkinson Carnew Co. Wicklow Ireland.

  17. Thanks for keep making great music. I have been a fan since Total eclipse of the heart. I have every album thereafter. I have to say that Rocks and Honey is a jewel, an instant classic. The quality of the production shows. The sound, the writing, the music, its a perfect album. I love it! Bonnie, I went to Canada to see you in concert like 5 years ago. I do hope you tour in the USA. Rocks and honey has everything to make it to the top of the charts, specially the country charts. Good luck, looking forward to see you in US!